Comparison Apps

Demographics App

Single-use report which provides demographic information around a 1,3,5-mile radius or any radii/drivetime of the user’s choosing. The app utilizes 2010 Census data.
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Competitor App

Understand the competitive presence for a geographic area. The app provides a count of competitors for the user selected competitor category.
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Analog/Sister App

Compare a target location to existing locations to determine how the target location correlates based on user selected demographic variables. The app returns the existing location with the highest correlation.
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Restaurant Trends App

Understand the competitive restaurant landscape in a given trade area. The app uses Restaurant Trends data. Restaurant Trends is the only continuous store-level research effort, tracking all major QSR (Quick Service) and FSR (Full Service) restaurant chains. Restaurant Trends has intelligence on over 190,000 stores in over 500 brands in every market in the United States.
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Business List App

Know which businesses are in your target area. Visualize and study businesses by SIC codes.
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Custom App

Don’t see an app here that meets your business needs? We can build you a customized app. Schedule a call with one of our sales representatives to learn more.
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